Group Culture / Pacific Star

Group Culture

Commitment to organization
Executives and employees alike see Pacific Star Group as a family. Within the company, goals are set annually for each department, and on this basis members of the company work together to achieve these goals. Each colleague in Pacific Star Group shave the same outlook and unite, which under the company's guiding principles.
Assistance to colleagues
The supervisor of every department works with the members of their team to reach the targets that have been set, experiencing success and failure together. Furthermore, supervisors also assist with the training of new employees, advocating a mentor system. What's more, documentation and operations personnel help each other in order to improve the performance of the whole organization.
No pursuit of fame private interests
No Pacific Star employees compete with their colleagues for the sake of their own interests, nor do they engage in any behavior that could harm the atmosphere within the organization or influence the company's image.
Separating public from private interests
None of Pacific Star Group's employees use company time and resources to pursue their own business interests.
Behavior and discipline
All employees in Pacific Star respect their position, work conscientiously, work hard, respect company regulations and go beyond the standards expected by the company. Furthermore, They do not allow their performance to be influenced by the business of employees who have already left the company.
self - improvements
Pacific Star places a high premium on the training of employees, and furthermore, attaches great importance to the development of human resources. As long as employees are willing to work hard and perform well, they can expect to be rewarded with opportunities for promotion and pay raise. The company also encourages job training, and using time outside work to make up for weak areas in employee skill sets. What's more, the company provides chances for transfers and opportunities for employees to challenge themselves, allowing them to effectively use their strengths, and make the most of their abilities.
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